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Motivate your audience with creative marketing, training, support, and professional development that highlights your commitment to excellence.

Agency Training.

For fire departments, city and county department teams, and third party instructors.

The Safe Community Project offers online training courses, live tabletop and exercise development, learning management system (LMS) creation, and comprehensive technical support for all online experiences.

Professional Development.

Our skilled course designers and development teams have created online training courses for various fire departments and subject matter experts who require a customized deployment model, including LMS and/or course content. As our members interact directly with multiple fire departments and other first responders, we possess a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the current needs in the fire service. We specialize in developing innovative, personalized and interactive solutions to meet the varying requirements of our clients.

Learning Management Systems.

A learning management system (LMS) is a platform for delivering online courses. Safe Community Project leadership has been involved in LMS delivery for over twenty years.

Our Creativity Is Contagious.

Proper marketing and creative design are crucial tools for the public agencies and institutions as it helps to enhance public safety and community engagement. Our creative designers have developed independent projects for museums and other non-profits, and we’ve developed complete creative marketing initiatives for cities and first responder agencies. Our proactive approach not only educates the public on how to prevent and respond to emergencies but also highlights the roles and values of the entities we’re promoting. By leveraging social media, community events, and educational programs, our clients can significantly increase their visibility and impact, fostering a safer environment for everyone.

Institutional Emergency Planning.

The Safe Community Project offers a range of preparedness solutions for public facing organizations such as museums, event centers, and large corporations. These solutions can include the creation of Emergency Response Plans, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) facilities, Staff and Visitor Evacuation and Disaster Planning, as well as staff training in CPR, BLS First Aid, and other readiness training programs.

Move past "training" and embrace the power of "professional development" for the benefit of your members and organization.

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