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What is the Safe Community Project?

The Safe Community Project is a non-profit, public benefit organization focused on community resilience, fire, and disaster preparedness.

Is the Safe Community Project a Non-Profit Organization?

Yes. The Safe Community Project is a non-profit pubic benefit charity. Our Tax ID number is: 27-0967511

How do I donate to the Safe Community Project?

The easiest way to donate is online. Simply visit

Is the Safe Community Project a fire department?
No. The Safe Community Project is a non-profit organization that works in collaboration with fire departments, supporting their training and community outreach activities. We are known as a “force multiplier” for the fire service, adding value and skills important to the overall mission of reducing risk related to fire and other emergency situations. 
Who works at the Safe Community Project?
The Safe Community Project contracts with a wide array of people to support our mission. Our field operations people are all first responders. They’re either EMTs, Paramedics, or have their firefighter certification in the State of California. Our film unit includes award-winning production and post-production people who work on a wide range of motion pictures and training projects. Our Internet team is made up of highly experienced back-office, database, and front-end developers. We typically have an anthropologist on our team. Our research and administrative team supports all of our ongoing projects and activities. 

Our advisory board is made up of senior fire officials – all of them unpaid, but supporting our mission because they see the benefits we provide to both fire departments, other city agencies, commercial institutions, and the general public. Our board of directors provides oversight into our activities and leadership. 
Do you teach CPR?

Yes. The Safe Community Project teaches both bystander or “hands-only” CPR, as well as fully certified CPR/AED, and BLS first aid. All of our instructors are certified by the American Red Cross. All certificates are good for two years. 

We teach bystander CPR in high schools, at public safety fairs, and special events. One of the benefits to engaging our organization to teach certified CPR is that we come to you – our instructors will teach you and your team at your place of business. 

How are you funded?

Our organization depends on multiple types of revenue, including local, State, and Federal grants, as well as direct revenue from the sale of services, such as teaching CPR, developing emergency plans, and creating courseware. 

What LMS environments do you support?

We produce courseware that may be delivered in either SCORM or xAPI formats. That means it can easily be uploaded into multiple LMS environments. That includes but is not limited to Vector Solutions, Moodle, LearnDash, Canvas, Advance Problem Solving, Adobe Learning Manager, Docebo, Axis, Skillcast, Gurucan, LearnWorlds, Camilo, and CanopyLAB. 

Do you offer your own LMS?
No. However, we understand the development process to create custom LMS environments. In some cases, we’ll customize an LMS environment that a client leases (subscribes) from a manufacturer, such as Canvas. In other situations, we’ll create a custom LMS environment that one of our clients will actually own, such as LearnDash or Moodle. Every situation is unique, so it’s important that we learn what the specific needs are of each campus environment. 
Is hiring a non-profit organization less expensive?
Hiring a non-profit, such as the Safe Community Project may be less expensive than engaging with a for-profit organization, but it depends on the service, the purpose, and the deliverables involved. Being a non-profit organization is about serving the public, not about product sales or profits. However, even a non-profit must earn revenue to support its operations. It’s important to note that our services are completely separate from our grant-funded programs. 

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