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Teaching “Active Shooter Readiness” to the Huntington Library

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Training like the one conducted by MySafe:LA and the San Marino Police at the Huntington Library provided their staff with “active shooter” readiness – a crucial skill set, particularly in public spaces that attract large numbers of visitors. 

2 male members of MySafe:LA giving a presentation on active shooter awareness in an auditorium. A slide projected on the screen behind them shows an image of 4 men with guns and supporting text that reads "Active Shooter Awareness, an introduction to the issues related to an active shooter incident and how to be better prepared to prevent...and recover from this type of event."

Here’s a breakdown of why the training by MySafe:LA along with their law enforcement partners  is important and beneficial:

  1. Immediate Response Skills: Training provides essential skills and knowledge that enable staff to react quickly and effectively in the event of an active shooter situation. This includes recognizing the sound of gunfire, understanding the layout of the premises, and knowing the fastest escape routes.
  2. Empowering Staff: Such training empowers employees by providing them with practical steps they can take to protect themselves and visitors. This empowerment reduces panic and promotes decisive action, which can save lives.
  3. Coordination with Law Enforcement: Training alongside local law enforcement, like the San Marino Police, helps establish critical lines of communication and coordination. Staff learn how law enforcement will respond and what they can do to assist officers when they arrive.
  1. Developing and Refining Emergency Plans: Active shooter training often leads to the development or refinement of emergency response plans. It ensures that these plans are up-to-date and tailored to specific threats and scenarios.
  2. Regular Drills and Updates: Continuous training and regular drills ensure that staff remain familiar with protocols and can adjust to any changes in emergency procedures or building layouts.
  1. Reducing Fear: Understanding what to do in a crisis can significantly reduce fear and anxiety. Staff members who feel prepared are more likely to remain calm and manage their emotions during an actual event.
  2. Community Confidence: Knowing that a venue’s staff is trained in active shooter readiness can reassure visitors and the community that the institution is committed to their safety.
  1. Awareness and Vigilance: Training enhances overall safety awareness among staff. Vigilant employees can recognize potential threats or suspicious behavior and report them before incidents escalate.
  2. Inclusivity in Safety: Active shooter readiness training involves all levels of staff, fostering a culture of inclusivity and teamwork in maintaining a safe environment.
2 male members of MySafe:LA giving a presentation on steps to take during an active shooter scenario. An infographic projected on the screen behind them shows steps to run if possible, hide if escape is not possible, and fight only as a last resort. Supporting text reads "A Basic Overview: you are not powerless from the concept of an active shooter."

The staff and leadership at The Huntington Library were highly engaged in the training provided. Lots of good questions were asked, and everyone felt a sense of calm once the training session had been completed. 

Training sessions like the one at the Huntington Library are essential not just for the immediate safety benefits they provide, but also for the broader impact on community safety and confidence. Engaging with expert organizations like MySafe:LA ensures that the training is comprehensive and based on the latest safety protocols and insights. Such preparedness is indispensable in today’s world, where public spaces must be vigilant against various threats.

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