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This year, our LAFD partner fire companies have been tremendous when supporting MySafe:LA educational programs. Firefighters are nearly always happy to interact with the public, and with kids in particular. This summer, our supporting fire companies have been over the top in their support. Each company has been creative in how they present their safety equipment and apparatus, and on multiple occasions, the time spent and consideration given to the program have been above and beyond the baseline that we consider to be high quality.

Captain II Mark Curry and his crew at 29s were just remarkable during our LA Library visit. Firefighter Stein gave a fantastic demonstration to the kids about what firefighters wear when they respond to an emergency. The light force (engine and truck) from 29s made the library visit a blast, not only for the kids, parents and library staff – but for us as well.

Giving the crew at 29s a run for the money was the light force from Fire Station 78 in Encino. Captain II Charles Ruddle (working overtime) had the crew from 78s jumping thru hoops to give the kids not only good information, but to keep them entertained as well. The kids helped “lay a line” to squirt water, and they also supported Captain Ruddle with carrying a ladder from the aerial ladder truck to their auditorium.

Fire Station 29 and Fire Station 78 tie for the LAFD Partner Fire Companies “Best Presentations” of the month in August. And, the competition was tremendous – although nobody likes to think about this as a competitive action. These firefighters are, for the most part, doing what they love to do – which is serve the public. We’d like to thank all of the crews that collaborated with us in August – and in fact throughout the summer.

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