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Developing Training for 3,400 Firefighters

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A room of safety officials and responders sitting at desks, looking at a presentation or course

The Safe Community Project, via its MySafe:LA Division is building course content that will be delivered to all 3,400 + Los Angeles City Firefighters. In this case, the work is being done in support of the course author, Chief Anthony Kastros, whose Firefighter Inspiration training firm is known nationwide.

Our organization has been developing training content for the LAFD’s In-Service Training Section since 2008. Our training materials have won multiple awards, and have been delivered in a variety of ways. For this project, our shop is responsible for capturing training examples on video, organizing those video components, and editing the course materials, as provided to our team. Once complete, the materials are installed into the Department’s Vector Solutions Learning Management Solution (LMS). 

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