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One of the services The Safe Community Project offers is award-winning custom film development. With a focus on training, our team of professional story and educational design experts work to share valuable training messages that resonate with the audience.

A film crew capturing audio and video footage of a man holding a clapper board and a man on a ladder both in public safety official uniforms.

Our director of education and content, Cameron Barrett is in the midst of finalizing post-production on a firm for The Hartford Foundation and their National Junior Fire Marshal day. More than 55,000 students across the country will participate in an interactive, LIVE educational session on fire safety. The central component of this endeavor is a short film featuring the Los Angeles City Fire Department as “hosts” for the attending students. 

A film crew capturing audio and video footage of a fire department team in front of a fire engine parked outside its station.

It’s relatively easy to create “fun” films that feature firefighters. It’s a bit more challenging to develop core messages that young people will react to, remember, and share with family members. Our film unit wins award after award for the work we produce related to fire safety training and education.

A screen displaying a fire department team as they are being recorded, with the subjects out of focus in the background.

The development of the story is a crucial and fundamental aspect of all educational media pieces, including the project for The Hartford Foundation. In a world that has been affected by the pandemic, young people are eager to learn, but they lack social skills and often have shorter attention spans. Gaining their interest, trust, and engagement is a new challenge, but it is one that this film project has been focused on. The messaging of the project is centered around the goal of capturing the attention of young people, building their trust, and keeping them engaged.

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