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Picking the Right Leader

The Best Leaders do so by Example During the summer, our team goes through some annual growth. That process often includes some promotions. We're all familiar with moving people into positions of leadership, whether from above, as peers, or as those working in supporting positions.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

It's a fact: Smoke alarms save lives. MySafe:LA, the Los Angeles Chapter of The Safe Community Project has been delivering and supporting the proper use of smoke alarms in LA schools and older adult communities. The MySafe:LA smoke alarm initiative began in late 2012, and

MySafe:California Moves Forward…

The Safe Community Project will launch a new initiative, MySafe:California (MySafe:CA) in the fall of 2014. "MySafe:California will share resources for anyone living in the state," David Barrett, Managing Director of The Safe Community Project Stated. "It's an opportunity to help redefine how fire prevention and

MySafe:LA Expands Partnerships

MySafe:LA, the Los Angeles fire and life safety unit of The Safe Community Project is expanding its host of partners and educational outreach. New Agreements with Children's Burn Foundation, California Science Center, and the Earthquake Country Alliance are several of the highlighted engagements. "We're enthused to be

MySafe:Hawaiian Gardens Program

The Safe Community Project has developed a special initiative called the MySafe:Hawaiian Gardens Program. Hawaiian Gardens is a small incorporated community southeast of Los Angeles. The program is a pilot for other community programs in cities where emergency services are provided by outside agencies. As

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