About Us

While sitting in a fire station kitchen, discussion turned to the lack of complete and focused programs aimed at creating safer communities. While some fire departments have a small “public education” unit, when budgets tighten, that unit is the first to be furloughed.

That discussion led to visits to multiple fire departments across the country, including fire museums and meetings with fire prevention officers and leaders in emergency management. After a year of research and evaluation, it became clear that several key gaps existed (and still exist) in public safety and resilience initiatives for small, medium, and large cities.


The Safe Community Project is unique – our leadership understands that national messages work best when localized to a specific community. Our members are not volunteers – they’re certified, trained experts in EMSFireEarthquake, and Community Resilience. During the first half of 2021, we’ve even focused our teams on supporting getting thousands of people vaccinated against COVID-19.

Building Safer Communities

We teach in schools (have been teaching in the LAUSD for more than 12 years), at corporations, public safety fairs, and to city employees. We develop Emergency Response Plans, develop Emergency Operation Center strategies, and deliver BLS first aid training to a wide range of entities, including a city's entire employee roster.

Lets do it together!

We firmly believe in partnerships - and we've been partnered with fire departments, including the Los Angeles City Fire Department for more than a decade. We also partner with other city agencies, the American Red Cross, the UCLA Center for Pre-Hospital Care, Earthquake Country Alliance, and many others. you can learn more about our partners.