Community Emergency Resilience Program

The Homeowner’s Association Safety Alliance creates never before seen disaster readiness and resilience planning to groups of residents in the greater Los Angeles community.

The Safe Community Project has more than a decade of experience training both civilians and firefighters in critical fire and disaster safety survival and response.

The HOA Safety Allience offers training, emergency response plans, and ongoing support to homeowners in at-risk areas of Los Angeles. Best way to survive is to be prepared.

Discover the benefits of developing a working emergency response plan, training to the plan, and making your community disaster-resilient. Develop a better prepared neighborhood.


The HOA Safety Alliance brings homeowner’s together to be “disaster ready” prior to catestrophic events. This is a critial path for improving community confidence when managing disasters. Working with a plan will help to save lives and property. Training to the plan will prepare residents to survive disasters.

Does your HOA have a current emergency response  plan? One of the cornerstone components of our  HOA Emergency Reliance Program is the development of a custom plan that is designed  around your HOA, and the threats you may face.

If your HOA is in or adjacent to a high fire severity  zone, our wildfire training is essential to residents  wildfire prevention activities, understanding of what to  do if a wildfire approaches, and how to recover in the  event your community is burned over by wildfire.

Southern California is more than 100 years overdue  for a major earthquake. The BIG one could happen at  any minute. Imagine: no water; no power; no internet.  Our earthquake training prepares homeowners in  preparation, survival, and recovery after the BIG one.

Several thousand people die every year in house  fires in America. On average, 20 or more die  every year in Los Angeles. Our home fire safety  training includes FREE smoke alarms, escape  plans, as well as prevention and survival skills.

A burn scar is a direct invitation to debris flows  that invade homes and disrupt lives. Learn how to  protect your home, your vehicles, and your family  from flooding – either following a wildfire, or just in  the event of bad weather.

The HOA Safety Alliance includes training in  compression-based CPR, the use of an AED, and  how to rapidly direct paramedics to any location.  Be ready to save your family member or  neighbor’s life with this essential training.

Completing the annual training provided by The  Safe Community Project will create the peace of  mind that living in a beautiful part of Los Angeles  deserves. These skills will help you be better  prepared, and can help you save a life.


Two key components

There are two key components to the overall program: Disaster preparedness, and plan development. Based on the location of your homeowner’s association, you may determine that a specific threat, such as wildfires, supercedes all other possible disasters.

Or, you may decide that your residents will benefit from preparing for multiple threats that may arise in the future. In addition to training, the Safe Community Project can develop an emergency response plan specific to your HOA, giving your residents a head start for any disaster.

Determine areas of interest

Determine your initial areas of interest in the options below, and once you provide this form to the Safe Community Project, a public safety officer will arrange for a meeting to learn more about your HOA, and from there – a presentation can be made that outlines the overall process. Best of all, the cost for these programs is extremely affordable, making the decision to increase HOA readiness an easy one.

Pick from any individual option (wildfire, house fire,  floods, CPR/AED, earthquake), and our public safety  officers will ensure you and your neighbors are  properly trained to prepare for, respond to, and  recover from the threat. Pricing starts at $159.00*

If you live in or adjacent to the wildland urban  interface (WUI), your home is at risk for wildfires. Our  training covers not only Ready, Set, Go, but proper  financial planning, home hardening, evacuation  procedures, and home fire safety preparedness.

The best value for HOA resilience is to become a  member of the HOA Safety Alliance. This program  provides a liaison to your HOA, includes all of the  training outlined in this brochure, and includes a year  of education, preparedness, and support.

For HOAs that are located in at-risk areas  within the city (such as canyons or hillsides),  the development of an HOA emergency  response plan can make all the difference in the community surviving a disaster. The Safe  Community Project is expert at developing  emergency response plans – creating plans for  some of the best known organizations in  Southern California. For maximum  preparedness, as well as risk management,  talk to us about creating an emergency  response plan for your HOA.

Plan Pricing

As low as


With multiple tiers of pricing available, our public safety officers can provide your residents with the training and peace of mind you deserve. Pricing is determined per home, and is billed to the HOA, starting at $159*