Cameron Barrett

Cameron Barrett

Cameron Barrett brings extensive educational, training, and media experience to The Safe Community Project. She is an award-winning producer, director, camera operator and editor. Her projects have taken her around the world. She has multi-faceted experience in journalism including radio, television and online news (blogs, Audio/Video podcasts), education, as well as online, corporate and for-broadcast production. Prior to teaching broadcast journalism at both the University of Miamiand the University of Georgia, Cameron spent several years as an on-air news anchor and then news director for an NBC affiliate in New York. She is a partner in a media production company in California (R/com Studios) with expertise in film, web, and software development.

Her role with The Safe Community Project is focused on delivery of educational programs and media content. Working closely with firefighters, educators, subject matter experts in multiple disciplines, Cameron and her crew create most of the video and educational content for MySafe:LAand MySafe:California. Cameron is an Emergency Medicine Technician (EMT) and is a graduate of Brown University, where she earned a Bachelors of Arts with Honors, as well as a masters of Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern University. She is married and has two remarkable dogs, Ed and Piper.

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