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29 Nov

MySafe:Hawaiian Gardens Program

The Safe Community Project has developed a special initiative called the MySafe:Hawaiian Gardens Program. Hawaiian Gardens is a small incorporated community southeast of Los Angeles. The program is a pilot for other community programs in cities where emergency services are provided by outside agencies. As an example, in Hawaiian Gardens fire services are provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. While Hawaiian Gardens is a small community, they have concerns and problems with fire safety. In...

10 Sep

Why We Do This Work – The Art of Fire Prevention

Why We Do This Work – The Art of Fire Prevention is authored by David Barrett, Managing Director of The Safe Community Project and Executive Officer of MySafe:LA. We’re often asked, “why do you do this work?” Everyone appreciates the importance of fire prevention, but why would someone get involved with the fire service when there is no specific payday (MySafe:LA officers are unpaid)? Why, when there is no pension waiting at the end of 25 years of service (yet). Why, when there are...

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