Our Work


Children are our best safety ambassadors. We teach them, so they can teach their parents and family members. We offer a variety of programs for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, including a Junior Fire Inspector program that engages young people to inspect their homes for working smoke alarms, CO detectors, and fire hazards. More than 300,000 students have been through our programs since we began teaching in 2009.

High School Students

Since 2012, The Safe Community Project has delivered “bystander” CPR education throughout southern California. Our high school “hands only” CPR program teaches students about identifying sudden cardiac arrest, calling 911, delivering hands-only CPR, and using an automated external defibrillator (AED). Thousands of high school students receive this training each year.

Older Adults

Older adults are most at-risk of dying in a fire among any age group above 14 years of age. Our educational programs are designed to help older adults understand how to speak with a 911 call taker, how to “shelter in place” in the event of a disaster, and how to manage life threatening issues that range from fire to earthquake to cardiac arrest.


Firefighters were the first audience our management worked with. Because we’re integrated into the fire service, our expertise in training, media, and delivery has positioned us perfectly as partners in educational content development. We’ve developed firefighter survival training, wildfire training, as well as community engagement, active shooter, domestic violence and related content (including video, PowerPoint, and online courseware).

Disaster Planning

Our expertise in public safety makes us an ideal partner if you’re in need of a disaster plan. This may include continuing operations planning, disaster pre-planning, and/or recovery. Our team of subject matter experts includes fire, earthquake, flood, visitor and staff safety, building and asset protection, recovery, and threat mitigation. From initial site review to final plans, our team can ensure you have a plan in the event a disaster strikes. To arrange a free consultation, give us a call today: 213.634.0100

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