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People Still Die In Fires

Every year, the National Fire Protection Association polls fire departments and first responder agencies across the country. Their findings are key to the needs of people everywhere, and support the important purpose The Safe Community Project provides to those at-risk.

Key NFPA Findings

Over the last 15 years the total number of fires that local municipal fire departments reported continues to be on a downward trend for a decrease of 21%. Over this same period, however, the number of structure fires has remained relatively constant.



Fires are still fatal. 78% of all fire deaths occur in home fires.



In communities with less than 5,000 population, the frequency of fires per thousand population is higher and the rate of civilian fire deaths is significantly worse than in larger communities.



Average loss per structure has remained relatively unchanged since 1977 where it was $14,600 and $20,700 in 2015, per structure in 2015 dollars.



In 2015, 64% of fire department responses were medical aid (ambulance, EMS, rescue) responses.




Annual Statistics in the United States

Reported Fires in 2015

Civilian Fire Deaths

Civilian Fire Injuries


In Property Damage

A structure fire was reported every single minute of every single day in 2015.*

That’s higher than in 2014 and the increased number of fires appears to continue to trend.

*represents the most recent year when full statistics have been made available by the NFPA.

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