Education Team

Our primary objectives put us in classrooms. Our instructors are expert in the fields they cover, and often have long term experience in the subject matter being shared. Most of our educators have more than six years of in-classroom expertise in fire and life safety. Our CPR instructors are all EMTs or Paramedics, and most have not only taught CPR for years, they’ve performed CPR on patients in cardiac arrest, often reviving them.

Film Team

Two of the organization’s founders have long term experience as award winning filmmakers. As a result, our organization had a completely integrated film production team, with expertise in scripting, location management, film production, post production, sound, and distribution. Film is an essential part of the educational process, and our use of film reduces costs and increases productivity and work quality.

Internet Team

Working in collaboration with a partner organization, we have an expert and widely versed Internet team. We operate our own server farm. We develop our own web content, code, and even apps. Having this type of capability decreases overall costs, as they’re all project based, while also reducing hand-holding during the production or support process.

Administration Team

No organization will succeed without expertise behind the scenes. Our administration team is well versed in not only the fundamentals of running an organization, but in using technology to reduce costs, improve reporting, and to track activities from start to finish. We count everything, and metrics are an essential component of our deliverables.

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